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Using Hypnotherapy to help weight loss and perhaps more importantly sustain that weight loss.


What Is the Fantasy Diet?

The term Fantasy Diet was given to me by a former client, a lady that had some experience of diet plans, lots of diet plans.  After some success working with the techniques we chose for her she said it was not like being on a diet, it was like a Fantasy Diet.  And here we are.

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Why Lose Weight?

Health reasons are often near the top of the list the media is currently bombarding us with terms like Obesity and BMI.  Initiatives like the Sugar Tax certainly raise awareness and the overall impact is yet to be seen.  How much we engage with and personalise these messages will dictate their effectiveness.

Losing weight requires making changes and generally speaking we humans are not so keen on change.  For change to take place we need a reason, my client mentioned above had just that.  So what is your reason?  Typical reasons might be attending a dressy event and wanting to look good,

disappointment that a once loved outfit is feeling a little tight

or perhaps feedback from the bathroom scales.

These are just thought starters, there are many others.  Whatever your reasons is, it needs to be personal and honest.  Take a look at my post Good Quality Visualisation and test your weight loss reason.


Discussed Diet Ideas

Coming back to the same lady, she explained some of the diets she had tried.  Some of these were amusing while others left me feeling a little concerned; three of the many more she talked about are explained below.


The Half Food Diet

This really is quite a basic idea.  I vaguely recall a comedy sketch with a shopper asking a butcher for half fat sausages, the butcher, wielding a large clever cuts some sausages in half and adds, ‘there you go half fat sausages’.  Explained to me this diet was no more technical, plate up your meal as normal

then just before eating it, remove half.

There is no arguing that there are half as many calories left on the plate, however this is not likely to work for long.  Honestly, if you have the will power to not go back and eat the other half, follow this simple instruction, ‘Eat less.’


The Kale Diet

For those of your that remember the Cabbage Diet, this is a 21st century update.  Essentially you eat only Kale.

I feel confident that sticking to this diet will help you lose weight if only for the fact that there is a limit to how much Kale any sane person can eat.  There is mixed advice regarding what constitutes a reasonable Kale intake; I am certain that no health professional is going to recommend this long term if at all.


The Supplements Diet

Going rather scientific here, if we can accurately determine our body’s required intake can we supply this calorie free with supplements?

This one concerned me the most, supplements are just that, intended as supplements to a balanced diet.


Diet Junkie

It stands as testament to how thoughtful we are about our weight when you see the number of diet plans available in their many forms.  It also highlights how quickly we may be tempted to move on to try another diet.  It’s is a hard reality that it may not be the diet plan but you.  In an attempt find the correct wonder diet you could be at risk of being becoming a ‘Diet Junkie’.  Constantly trying different approaches while looking for the easy solution; promising yourself that next time it will be better.  Amassing a diet book library and understanding diets may be interesting; losing weight requires further action.


Diet Enthusiasm

New is always exciting, on day one your enthusiasm can be really high

then as time moves on enthusiasm falls.

We are sometimes guilty of making excuses for ourselves or overstating our achievements,

we may go negative; as indicated by the red line.  This is not indicating negative enthusiasm (although this could also be true) more negative outcomes on your diet plans.


The Reward Negative

Best explained to me by a Personal Trainer this is quite a common mistake.  He had a client that was very dedicated to attending the gym. Every morning he (the client) would head off to the gym before work and complete the agreed plan.  Then on the walk to work he would pass a bakery and buy sweet treats.

And these treats were doing more harm than the benefits of gym visit so he was in a negative.

Personal Diet

Just as it works best to have personal reasons to lose weight, it is also best to have a personal way of losing weight.  There are clear reasons to have a diet based around lots of fresh vegetables; it can feel very satisfying to buy natural produce.

When making plans to diet we can easily get wrapped up in excitement without considering the practicalities, for example fresh vegetables require preparation.

Making considered choices is more likely to result in plans you will stick to.  Simply being aware that you took time evaluating and developing a plan can increase your ‘buy in’ and aid commitment. You should start with a plan that can be maintained when the pressures of everyday life loom.

Coming home after a busy day, feeling hungry and looking at a pile of fresh produce that you need to prepare may just have you reaching for the takeout menu.

With the Fantasy Diet we look at what you are eating, why you make those choices and then change your relationship with some of those foods.  There is a plethora of techniques to draw on to develop a personal approach that works for you.

Get Started with the Fantasy Diet

Ready for that adrenaline packed start?  Well, if you are please take some deep breathes and slow down; the Fantasy Diet is a far more relaxed approached.


3 stages to the Fantasy Diet

Here are the 3 stages to the Fantasy Diet.


Initial Consultation

Either one to one or as part of a small group (max 5) we go over the principles of the Fantasy Diet and deal with any questions.  Discuss the homework (stage 2), and then use some Hypnotherapy techniques to increase motivation.


The homework requires you to pay attention to the foods you are eating, emotions and some lifestyle realities over the course of a typical week.


Jointly we identify realistic changes to make and use Hypnotherapy techniques to embed these.

Some clients find that the initial consultation and homework give them enough insight to make changes without further consultation.  While other clients who wish to make a selection of changes have chosen to stage these over timed consultations.  Ultimately the choice is yours.



One to one initial consultation £20

Group initial consultation (max 5) £ 60

Further consultations £ 50

Further consultation(s) booked at same time as initial discounted to £ 40 each


All consultation periods are 55 minutes and prices assume you’re attending one of our locations in Bath or Bristol – see Hypnotherapy Locations.  If you think you have your own suitable location please look at my Mobile Hypnotherapist page to check suitability.


Please note:  The Fantasy Diet is not suitable for people with any form of eating disorder.  If you have experienced sudden weight gain or change in appetite we recommend seeking medical advice.  Your understanding of this will be checked as part of safeguarding and a true response is important.