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Key Points:

• It’s Different!
• Positive Takeaway
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It’s Different!

Finding new events for Charity and Fundraising is a challenge, why not arrange a comedy hypnosis show?

When did you last attend a Comedy Hypnosis show?

I will bring you a full show of Feelgood Entertainment that has wide appeal.  You can use this as part of a larger event or promote it as a standalone event.  Read more on my Hypnosis for Entertainment page.

Positive Takeaway

All uses of Hypnosis have a common thread and there is a lot to take away from a Comedy Show.  Appreciating how we slip in and out of Hypnosis often without realising it opens up new ways of thinking in everyday life.  Take a look at my Self Hypnosis post.

My Hypnosis shows take an open approach, where the audience gets to see the full process.  From the initial introduction, where everyone can participate in a little activity, through to working on stage with volunteers.

Being aware of how some thought processes work give you the opportunity to improve your outcomes.

If you don’t like your progress, change your approach


It would hardly be Charity Hypnosis if I was to charge you for my time.  We may need to charge for travel and equipment, if so a firm figure will be provided beforehand.  Of course we expect organisers and other contributors to be similarly conservative in their requirements for funding.

We would normally take film and photographs of the event that may be used in marketing, please advise at time of enquiry if this will not be possible.

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