Different Hypnotherapists work in different ways depending on both their own style and the client they are meeting with.  When meeting with a client for the first time there are some parts I consider mandatory; these are covered below:


Sounds a little odd that I may be questioning the location even at the time of meeting, although there are reasons it may not be suitable.  Obviously the therapy rooms I work from are ideal for most people; I have yet to meet a client not happy with them.  More likely are concerns arising from a space chosen by a client.  There are some guidelines in my Mobile Hypnotherapist post.


Confirm Details:

Always best to be sure you meeting with the person you were expecting, and that the contact details you have are correct.  Ideally you will have filled in the from sent to you at time of booking.



You are welcome to bring a Chaperone to your appointment.  I admit to having mixed feelings on Chaperones attending Hypnotherapy sessions.  The purpose of a chaperone should be to make you feel more comfortable, so be sure you only bring someone you are happy to be open in front of.  A Chaperone will need to be someone that could themselves consent to Hypnosis, see ‘Is Hypnotherapy for You’ below.  And of course they will not be taking part in the discussion.


Discuss Purpose:

This is one of the most important parts of any first consultation.  Gaining a good understanding of your wants and needs is paramount to my being able to assist you.  This usually visited in at least two parts, once for initial detail and then again after discussing Hypnotherapy and Consent.


About Hypnotherapy:

We need to have a common understanding about what Hypnotherapy means to you.  There is a wide range of ways we could work together and taking the most appropriate route is by definition going to be the most effective.  You may like to take a look at my post How does Hypnotherapy Work and page Frequently asked Hypnotherapy Questions.


Is Hypnotherapy for you:

Clients have come to me with a hugely differing thoughts about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy; I actively encourage people to use Hypnosis.  Regretfully this does not mean that formal Hypnosis is for everyone in every situation.  Hypnotherapy can have incredibly rewarding results in very many situations, this does not make it a panacea.  Also it is not a sub-contractor, you have to be involved; this pretty much covers why you may not suit Hypnotherapy.

And there are reasons why Hypnotherapy may not suit you.  I have to be very clear about working with people who have or are undergoing treatment for mental health issues, in the most part I do not.  Also I do not work with persons under the age of 18 years (if you’re lucky enough not to look your age proof may be required).  Hypnotherapy can very effective with children, I just do not work in that area.


Consent for Hypnotherapy:

Before any kind of Hypnotherapy takes place I always ask clients to give their consent and confirm their suitability; a copy of my Hypnotherapy Consent can be found here.


Experience Hypnotherapy:

When we have talked about Hypnotherapy and your suitability there will often be an opportunity to experience hypnosis.  The content of this hypnosis session will usually be fairly general and aimed at preparing you for working on your needs.


Make a Plan:

During this first consultation we will make a plan for what happens next.  This may mean me contacting you after having time to fully consider the details discussed.  And of course there is never a commitment on your part to continue if you do not wish to.