There are many changes we can make to help us become more productive and effective.  Here are three of my favourite recommendations.

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The ‘Relax and Reflect’ and ‘Nappuccino’ audios should not be used if you are currently being treated for any Psychological Illness or disorder, under the Influence of Alcohol or Recreational Drugs or have been advised to avoid Hypnosis by a relevant professional.

Although, if you have not read them before I strongly recommend following the links below to the blog posts first.


Links to Blog Posts

Sometimes we get more done by taking a break. Included with this post a FREE Hypnotherapy download to help you Relax and Reflect.

We all get low points in our focus and productivity at points in the day.  Read on for a strategy to help deal with this and then use the Free Audio for extra benefit.

Give yourself the BOOST we can all get for free with a Power Pose.  Read the post and then use the FREE audio download for guidance.