Group Hypnosis

A group hypnosis session is a great experience, you may have a specific aim in sight or simply be looking for a great way to relax.

While everyone will be enjoying the same guidance, each person’s experience is unique to them.  Here are some uses for group hypnosis:

  • Learning Self Hypnosis
  • Weight Loss
  • Relaxation
  • Motivation
  • Confidence

With these in mind you may start to think about groups this would be appropriate for, here are some suggestions:

  • Wedding Party
  • Sports Team
  • Business Group


Your Group or Mine?

You may like to come along to one of my events or organise your own.  I organise group hypnosis sessions with various themes, to see upcoming events please click here.

To organise your own group please consider the following points:

  • Purpose – Theme(s) to cover
  • Number of persons attending
  • Formal or Casual
  • Location
  • Duration

Then get in touch so we can discuss, you could use our group enquiry form by clicking here or send an email to ‘’