Hypnosis for Entertainment

Add energy and interest to your event

Key Points:

• Feelgood Entertainment
• Wide Appeal
• Three Promises

Feelgood Entertainment

Who doesn’t love to be entertained? Entertainment is one of the best therapies out there. For a while I thought of entertainment hypnosis as a bit of a sell out; it seemed like using a Ferrari for the school run.

My opinion changed when I realised how professional this type of entertainment has become. Just because you can make positive changes with Hypnosis it doesn’t mean you can’t use it for fun as well.

So why not use a Ferrari for the school run if it puts a smile on your face? You never know seeing that Ferrari outside the school gates could inspire a career in engineering.

Just the same as seeing a Hypnosis show could open your eyes to uses other than entertainment.


Wide Appeal

The many features that go into a good Hypnosis show offers something for everyone. From the opening through to the finale there’s plenty of variation with the option to get involved or enjoy from the audience.

My shows are always candid, everything happens in view of the audience. Anyone with an interest in Hypnosis can follow the style and techniques. There are plenty of techniques that can be repurposed in daily life; take a look at my Self Hypnosis post.

Most of all though it is fun, both as a volunteer acting out your thoughts or watching this from the audience.

A professional hypnosis show can be the highlight of many business and social events, examples being:

  • Fundraising Events
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Birthday and Anniversary Parties
  • Mixers


Three Promises

At a Hypnosis show I make three promises before anyone volunteers, they go like this:

  1. Fun – we are interested in having fun, we are not looking to embarrass anyone.
  2. Volunteers Only – I have no interest in pulling people out of the audience.
  3. Feel Good – when people volunteer and join in they always leave feeling good.


Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind, in my What is Hypnosis post I explain that all Hypnosis is a form of Self Hypnosis; volunteers will always remain in control.

Book a Hypnosis Entertainment Show

It is really quite easy to book a hypnosis show, here is a list of what you need:

  • Venue
  • Group of People
  • Suitable Seating
  • Show Area (stage or performance space)
  • Hypnotist

I will also need some sound equipment, we can talk about this later and if your venue doesn’t have the necessary I can supply this for most sizes of venue.

Start Planning a Hypnosis Show

Get in contact and start the ball rolling (without obligation) by either:

  • Using this form
  • Sending an email to hello@martinhypnosmith.com
  • Telephone on 07383 459 159 (you may need to leave a message)

You may have fairly detailed plans or just be thinking about a show, either way we will be happy to give you some ideas.