Before conducting a formal Hypnotherapy session with a client I always ask for their consent.  Hypnotherapy Consent is required for insurance purposes and serves as a check that you have had any questions answered and know what to expect.

Consent is provided by signing a copy of the points below, you can enter an expiry date that automatically revokes consent.

Hypnotherapy Consent points:

You are/have:

  •  18+ years of age (proof may be required).
  • Discussed Hypnosis and had any questions suitably answered.
  • Been made aware of therapist’s Insurance cover.
  • Been advised how to end the session if you desire.
  • Aware that you can bring a suitable Chaperone (Chaperones also need to meet this consent).
  • Advised the therapist of any current physical injury.

You are NOT/have NOT:

  • Currently being treated for any Psychological Illness or Disorder.
  •  Under the Influence of Alcohol or Recreational Drugs.
  • Been advised to avoid Hypnosis by a relevant professional.

You will update the therapist should anything relative to this consent change.  And are aware that this consent relates only to Hypnotherapy with Martin Smith in person, recordings listened to independently are not included.