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A. Client Welfare:

  1. Hypnosis will only be practiced in a safe and appropriate environment.
  2. Clients will be assessed for suitability prior to any hypnosis.
  3. Clients will be required to consent to hypnosis prior to any therapy.
  4. Clients are required to be upfront with regard to any health and fitness details asked.
  5. Clients are welcome to bring an appropriate third party to appointments.

B. Practitioner Welfare:

  1. Clients are requested to behave appropriately.
  2. Clients may not attend while under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.

C. Confidentiality and Record Keeping:

  1. Client records will be maintained only by the practitioner and as appropriate to therapy.
  2. Client records remain confidential to the practitioner unless disclosure is required by law.
  3. With consent from client to contact their General Practitioner the purpose of therapy may be disclosed.

D. Termination:

  1. Either the client or practitioner has the right to end a session at any time they desire.
  2. If a state of Hypnosis is current, the practitioner will respectfully ask the client to participate in the ‘Wake Up’ (this is a client welfare requirement) .