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Hypnotherapist and Self Proclaimed Realist

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• My Intro to Hypnosis
• Hypnotherapy
• Hypnosis for Entertainment

My Intro to Hypnosis

I have always been curious about how we think and interpret our world, where our views and opinions come from.  This is of course a huge subject, nature versus nurture, education, environment and much more.  The list may be endless.

As a self-proclaimed realist I noticed a glitch, a glitch in my own thinking.  I had formed an opinion that I later found out to be wrong, however I couldn’t change my response.  Having held an opinion for so long my response in certain situations was automatic, even though I knew some were crazy.

With a little knowledge about Hypnosis I wondered could this be the solution, could Hypnosis prosper where my own logic failed?

I visited a Hypnotherapist and was surprised by the whole experience.  Arriving at a rather normal looking city office I was greeted by a smart but casually dressed lady; not at all quirky or ‘spooky’.  Unsure what to expect I was led into a pleasant fairly neutral room to talk about why I was there; it was all rather convivial.

Hypnosis sounded appropriate, so we got to work; it had been explained that I had a part to play.  There’s more information in my post What is Hypnosis about how all Hypnosis is a form of Self Hypnosis and how a Hypnotist’s role is one of guidance.

In short my Hypnotherapy session was a success, my automatic response at least slowed.  My subconscious was no longer automatically running the previous routine.


I very quickly saw the link between my work as an Operations Manager, organising resources for positive outcomes and the role my Hypnotherapist had played.

Having been an Operations Manager in a few different sectors, I am very aware of resistance to change.  Logic and facts are great, nevertheless we can be stubborn creatures when change is mentioned; even if we want to change.

When the opportunity arose I wasted no time in training to be a Hypnotherapist.  Serene Action is my Hypnotherapy brand and I enjoy working with groups and individuals to bring about positive change.


Hypnosis for Entertainment

I am open that for a while I thought of Hypnosis for Entertainment as bit of a sell out, poor use of a fantastic resource; perhaps that’s the Operations Manager in me?

My opinion changed when I was introduced to a professional style of Hypnosis for Entertainment.  Recognising the benefits of Hypnosis for Entertainment I wasted no time and took some training in this area.

I take pride in the quality of my Hypnosis shows as well as my Hypnotherapy work, they compliment each other very well.

From working with individuals for Hypnotherapy I expanded to group work.  Then entertainment led me down another route to a kind of hybrid, speaking to groups large and small about how to better manage our own resources.

So that’s my story, now where would hypnosis work for you?

Take a look at my contact page and get in touch to discuss where you would like to engage your subconscious.

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