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Martin Smith

Hypnotherapist and Self Proclaimed Realist

I trained as a Hypnotherapist after having good personal experiences visiting a Hypnotherapist.

After my own initial success, the possibilities of Hypnotherapy started becoming clear to me; it was less of a lightbulb moment and more or an ‘ah-ha’ moment.  I had found a way to notice where I had a preprogrammed response, halt it, adapt it and save a better response for the future.

Previously working in Operations Management I had become skilled with organising resources (sometimes very limited resources) to best get the job done.  Now I was seeing new ways of organising thoughts and responses with similar control.  By responding to certain situations with the same response we may reduce our required thinking, however, this is at the cost of new opportunity.

As an ingredient to achieving positive outcomes having this level of insight and control is priceless, a broad introduction to self-hypnosis is enough to open eyes to the possibilities.

Chasing my own path and training as a Hypnotherapist made perfect sense.  Under my Hypnotherapy brand Serene Action I enjoy giving other people that a-ha moment.  Opening eyes to the possibilities when you engage your subconscious for your goals.

In more recent times I have extended my repertoire, there is a close link between hypnosis in the guise of hypnotherapy and using hypnosis for entertainment.

I always remain ethical in my use of hypnosis, while it may be entertaining to see someone eating an onion as if it were an apple you won’t find me guiding anyone in that direction.  Used correctly for entertainment hypnosis is fun and informative, appreciating the experiences created in entertainment opens the mind for the uses in hypnotherapy.

Additionally, I get to have fun working with volunteers in a variety of settings.

So that’s my story, now where would hypnosis work for you?

Take a look at my contact page and get in touch to discuss where you would like to engage your subconscious.