Mobile Hypnotherapist


Mobile Hypnotherapist, it’s kind of like the mobile hairdresser but without the sharp scissors and holiday chat.  Many of us lead busy lives and being able to choose a location nearer to yourself can make a big difference.

From my base in Bath I travelled just under 100 miles to work with a client who had been given a good review of what I do by a trusted friend.   Yes, I charged for travel, at cost.  We then carefully planned a further session of 2.5 hours to make best use of time and expenses.

More than just a location the best work is conducted in a good environment and this requires a little bit of thought.


A good Hypnotherapy Environment needs:

  • Appropriate Seating
  • Comfortable Temperature
  • Relaxed Atmosphere
  • Limited Distractions
  • Suitable Privacy


Appropriate Seating

Hypnotherapy calls for you to be able to relax and ideally recline a little; or if you prefer slump for a few minutes without discomfort.  I would like to sit down too but the comfort of the chair for me is generally less important.


Comfortable Temperature

Being in an overall comfortable environment is useful and a comfortable temperature is an important factor.  Becoming relaxed when at an uncomfortable temperature is not easy, our strategies for over heating or being cold tend not to relax us.


Limited Distractions

This is important.  Work places and home tend to feature strongly in the activities of daily life (perhaps relating to the area we will be working with) and can lead to distractions.  Think carefully about this, we do manipulate distractions in hypnosis however a colleague knocking at the door, or a pet crying in the hallway do not help.


Suitable Privacy

Your interaction can be limited if you are aware that colleague may be looking through a glazed screen, or a family member has their ear to the door.


Depending on what we are working with, there may be other factors to consider, above all I do not want to waste your precious time.  To make sure you get the best plan for a comfortable and distraction free location.

If that all sound too much then why not come to one of my Hypnotherapy Locations.