Relax and Reflect Hypnotherapy

Sometimes we get more done by taking a break. Included with this post a FREE Hypnotherapy download to help you Relax and Reflect.

Click the button below to download the audio (mp3), although you may prefer to read the rest of this post first.

This audio should not be used if you are currently being treated for any Psychological Illness or disorder, under the Influence of Alcohol or Recreational Drugs or have been advised to avoid Hypnosis by a relevant professional.

The speed of life today seems to be ever increasing. It would be unusual to hear slowing down as being positive; so here is that unusual moment.

As we fill each waken moment with interactions and tasks we rob ourselves of the chance to reflect; we were not designed to be always ‘on’ and need downtime. There are reasons why phrases like, ‘let me sleep on it’ and ‘i’ll give it some thought’ exist; although today too often we look to make quick decisions.

In some cases it makes sense to make swift decisions, once you have all the information available choosing lunch should not hold up your whole morning. Clogging up your thought processes with varieties of cheeses is not necessarily a good use of resources. While in some cases we make decisions like we are choosing a sandwich filling, when the outcome is far more important.

Having something on your mind can have good and bad effects. I ma a big fan of the Zeigarnik Effect; read my post here. In short opening up a subject in your head for the subconscious to work on can give you a head start. While there is a cautionary note regards having to much on your mind.

There is no denying that a period of relaxation benefits the mind and body in many ways, not least of all to reduce stress. And, if you believe the stories of some discoveries and inventions it has been during these times of rest that bolts of inspiration have presented themselves.

In our busy world it can be hard appreciate the lifestyles of past great thinkers. Legend has it that Isaac Newton was sitting under an apple tree and it was a falling apple that presented the ‘a-ha moment’ promoting his law of gravity. In 1948, Bernard Silver the designer of the Barcode; now on just about every product in every store was resting on a Florida beach when inspiration hit. Thinking about Morse code he drew out lines in the the sand.

At a time when we did not have devices to keep us constantly connected even a walk home from work could provide thinking time; today this is less likely.

Even to quote the fictional advertising guru Don Draper of television’s Mad Men. When Peggy was struggling for inspiration he said, ‘think about it really hard for a minute, then put it out of your mind’.

Now if you haven’t listened yet, find yourself a safe quiet spot and listen to the audio, it lasts about 20 minutes.