Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis – take control of your thinking and improve your outcomes.

Key Points:

• Learn a Forgotten Art
• Break the Insanity
• Stop Self Defeat

Learn a Forgotten Art

In my What is Hypnosis Video (and post) I talk about Hypnosis being a natural occurrence and how most people have frequent hypnotic or trance experiences in daily life.  Self Hypnosis is when you create these experiences to order.

So why would you want to create a kind of tranced out state to order,  surely we are all about keeping focussed and pressing on in this busy world?  That’s kind of the point, as we get busier and more pressured the opportunities for your mind to ‘trance out’ are reduced.  And those tranced out or zoned out moments are really useful; often making our focussed time far more effective.

No need to dig into ancient history to remember a time when we each experienced periods of time with fewer distractions.  Times when your thinking could consider new approaches and solutions or enrich your sense of self with some pleasing thoughts.


Break the Insanity

When we deprive ourselves of thinking time we narrow our opportunities and perhaps default to known patterns, not necessarily because they’re good, because they’re known.  Albert Einstein if credited (perhaps incorrectly) for this quote,

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

So do you fancy some different results?  When practiced with Self Hypnosis you can really bring your thoughts to life, create involving experiences for relaxation or problem solving.  You could come up with a new solution, visualise it and spin it in 3D for a thorough evaluation; or motivate yourself with some future pacing.


Stop Self Defeating

We may never be sure about Einstein and the Insanity quote, we can be sure that I say:

“If you don’t like your progress change your approach”

This is rather obvious and yet in various ways, many of us press on in the same way, aware of the likely results even when we don’t like them.  Strange as this may sound there are at least semi-valid reasons for doing this; here are three examples:

1. Admit Wrong

Acknowledging an unsatisfactory result stems from you taking the wrong approach can be hard to accept; even if only to yourself.

2. No Time to Think

This is the classic middle management problem, too busy to find time to delegate and just getting busier.  Sometimes we need to sacrifice some time now, step back and change our approach for an easier time in the future.  Short term pain for longterm gain.  Perhaps think of this like creating a music playlist rather than hunting out your favourite track over and over.

3. What’s the Alternative?

When you’ve been taking one approach for long enough you can become blinkered.  Sometimes accepting the need to change your approach is not enough, you need to open your mind up to possibilities; a perfect use for self-hypnosis.


Get Started with Self Hypnosis

There are various ways you can get started with self hypnosis three options I suggest are:

1. Book an Introduction place.

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2. Arrange your own group.

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3. Book a Personal Appointment.

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