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Key Points:

• Engage a Natural Resource
• Positive Change
• Hypnosis for Entertainment

Engage a Natural Resource

Hypnosis is a Natural Resource that we can all make use of with a little focus and direction.  A very short explanation of Hypnosis is, ‘your mind making your thoughts seem real’ – read more about this in my post What is Hypnosis.

We all have access to an amazing resource, unfortunately many of us fail to make the best of use of it.  And worse still many of us use it in a negative way, often without realising what we are doing.

When we focus and concentrate so carefully that we make our thoughts seem real all kinds of things happen.  Perhaps the best result is that with practice we can suspend reality and consider options in an uninhibited environment.  Imagine that, consider a new outfit or career without the nagging voices of friends and family.

Positive Change

I can often be heard repeating the phrase, ‘If you don’t like your progress, change your approach.’  This is one of the cornerstones of Serene Action my Hypnotherapy brand.  It makes perfect sense; a different outcome will require a different approach.

Yes, there are exceptions, perseverance can be a good strategy, but only when other people or situations change.  Among the many uses for Hypnosis, providing a clear mind for uninhibited thoughts is possibly the best.

Example uses on my Serene Action Page are:

  • Weight Loss
  • Motivation
  • Sports Performance
  • Stress
  • Pain Relief

I also recommend taking a look at my Self Hypnosis post, which includes the headings Break the Insanity and Stop Self Defeating.


Who doesn’t love to be entertained?  Entertainment is one of the best therapies out there.  For a while I thought of entertainment hypnosis as a bit of a sell out, here we have a fantastic resource that can help people and you guys just want to make a joke of it.  Oh, how my opinion changed!

Guilty of a closed mind, for me using Hypnosis for Entertainment had always conjured images of wasting a fantastic resource on low grade routines.  Like going to the shop pint of milk in a Ferrari.  Of course what you can’t calculate is the joy some people will have in seeing that Ferrari as you head to the corner shop, or the spark of interest that produces a great engineer from a bystander.

Contemporary Hypnosis shows embody all that I love about Hypnosis.  Showcasing the fantastic depth of thought, imagination and focus we can all call upon.  Sure there are many ways to present a Hypnosis show, personally, I like to show my workings.  My Hypnosis for Entertainment post gives more information about how I run a show.

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