Weight Loss Hypnotherapy


It is hardly possible to miss media attention towards obesity and the challenge to lose weight for more than a few days.  With masses of advice and a wide range of diet plans available how can anyone fail in their weight loss mission?  Perhaps the knowing isn’t enough, how about some Hypnotherapy to lose weight; read this page for more information.

Before going any further let us be clear, if you have had any sudden unexplained change to your weight,  perhaps coupled with other symptoms your first call should be medical advice.

Barring the effects of a medical condition controlling one’s weight is at our own mercy;  the cliché ‘East less move more’ remains true.  Correctly targeted Hypnotherapy has the potential to support you in taking control and getting the results you want.  Firstly you need to get invested by understanding your motivation, consider the options and compare these with your personal circumstances.


Motivation to Lose Weight:

There are many reasons to decide it is time to shed a few pounds, some examples:

  • Life event eg Wedding
  • Health Issues
  • Pending Surgery
  • Self Image

And the list can go, whatever your reason successful Hypnotherapy starts with a purpose.


How to Lose Weight:

To lose weight with Hypnotherapy one or more weight loss practices is employed and supported.  A seemingly moderate change when fully committed to can have a significant impact.

  • The Fantasy Diet (this is my own complete plan; read more)
  • Reduced Fat Diet
  • Specific Diet eg Cabbage (ah!)
  • Excercise
  • Sugar Free
  • Portion Control
  • Calorie Counting
  • Stop eating a particular food or treat

The breadth of plans out there demonstrates how much weight loss is on people minds.  The true challenge is sticking to a plan, it is very easy to turn a blind eye to slips, convince yourself a reward is due or even edit your own memory.

Sticking to a plan may not be easy and to have the best chance you need to take into account your own situation.  For your friend that made good on the cabbage diet, I recommend you praise them and not the diet.  There is surely a limit to how much cabbage any one can eat.


Personal Considerations:

As you start to evaluate your preferred route, maybe considering the cabbage diet you should ask yourself as many questions as possible.

  • How much do you want to lose
  • How will you measure your progress
  • Have you tried anything before (successfully or not)
  • Is there a specific date ahead
  • What are your life commitments
  • What ‘mistakes’ are you making
  • Is this sustainable


Focusing attention towards more healthy options, smaller quantities and noticing when we have eaten sufficient can reap huge rewards without getting into a pattern of yo yo dieting that in the long run exacerbates the problem.


Taking control of eating and exercise reaps huge benefits in several areas of life, where a more agreeable diet can boost energy, concentration and overall performance; being at a weight that you are comfortable with lifts us in several ways and motivates us further.

As little as two sessions of hypnosis can have a profound effect in helping personal weight control.  Appointments are available at our therapy rooms in Bath or your preferred location subject to suitability and practicality.  To discuss Weight Control with Hypnotherapy please email, telephone or use the form on this site.



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