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Key Points:

• Enhance your Service
• Increase Client Interest
• Aid your Success Rate

Enhance your Service

This post is written for professionals that provide weight loss services.

When working with clients for weight loss large parts of my work can be nested under three headings:

  1. Mastering Commitment
  2. Sidestepping Pitfalls
  3. Rewarding Success

There’s more detail about what I mean by these in my Fantasy Diet post and video.  I know this is not exactly revolutionary, we can all recognise these challenges quite easily; resolving them is the key.  I have been having success with a variety of Hypnosis techniques that can compliment many diets plans.  If you would like to talk about enhancing your service with some of these techniques I would love to hear from you.


Increase Client Interest

With so many diet plans and recommendations out there the rise of ‘diet junkies’ is inevitable.  We are pretty much programmed to think of new, as better, sure technology moves on however the human body evolves far slower.  While we can be sold on advances in technology products when it comes to weight loss we need new approaches to the body we have.

Enhancing your service with the extra of Hypnotherapy will give you the new angle we have all become programmed to look for, retaining clients for your business that may otherwise be tempted by an alternative offer.


Aid your Success Rate

The levels of change that can be achieved with Hypnosis are vast, changing relationships with food and exercise paves the way to lasting weight loss.  This is in stark contrast to the internal conflict many people experience when their emotions and logic clash.  On each occasion there can be only one winner; this constant conflict is unhelpful.

There are a variety of Hypnosis techniques that can be used in group environments, or individually.  As well as some more bespoke techniques for specific barriers.

How about aiding your success rate with some Hypnosis?

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