What is Hypnosis?

It’s about concentrating on your thoughts until they seem real.

Key Points:

• Not Mind Control
• Not Sleep
• Is Focussed Attention

Not Mind Control

During my first few years as a Hypnotherapist I would get into all kind of detail when asked, what is hypnosis?

And when I had finished giving all manner of detail the response would often come back, “Of course, I can’t be Hypnotised.”  Of course?  I would often ponder this and wonder why anyone would state so firmly that they can’t be hypnotised when moments earlier they were seemingly uninformed about what hypnosis is.   When I dropped my own elitist opinion about hypnosis for entertainment I learnt a new approach to this question.

Now I am quick to dispel the myth that hypnosis is mind control, seriously if I could control minds I would be leading a different life – entirely ethical of course.  Hypnosis is perfectly natural and most of us experience it most days; more about that later.

As for those people who tell me they cannot be Hypnotised, of course, they are right in so much as we can all quite easily resist a Hypnotist.  Although probably won’t notice a natural ‘zone out’ in time to resist.


Not Sleep

Although the word Hypnosis comes from the Greek for sleep, hypnosis is not sleep.  That said most people will describe hypnosis as having been very relaxing.  Far from being sleep, hypnosis stems from a focussed state of attention, this may occur naturally, or by choice; perhaps with the assistance of a Hypnotist.


Is Focussed Attention

Hypnosis is achieved by focussing on your thoughts so intently and with enough detail that they start to become real; to the point where you are experiencing the thoughts, feelings and emotions.

For example, think of a time when you have been watching a sad movie, when you get involved in the plot you feel sad with the characters, maybe even shed a tear or two.  Do you really believe the story, no, it was just your mind making it seem real in the moment.

We are really very good at this, so good we can even do it in our sleep!  Have ever had that jolt feeling and woken up before hitting the ground?  With the exception of occasional unfortunate mishaps you were never falling, it was just your mind making it seem real at that moment.

In simple terms that is Hypnosis.  The skill of focussing with such detail that your thoughts start to feel real.  Whether you create that experience while at a Hypnosis Show, during Self Hypnosis, in collaboration with a Hypnotist or simply by zoning out, you are using a very powerful part of your mind.

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