Taking breaks throughout the working day is important, no one can maintain productivity without them.  The Workday Relax is a light Hypnosis session that helps to clear the mind and foster improved focus and productivity.

Work can in its own way become hypnotic as we focus on the task at hand and become engrossed.  So much so that we can neglect to take much needed breaks.  When we have tasks on our mind it can be hard to put them to one side long enough for a restorative break; maybe telling ourselves we will take a break when the task is complete.

Take a look at my post  How to use the Zeigarnik Effect for an example of how open tasks stay on our minds, the benefits and potential downsides.


Breaks and Productivity:

True productivity at work is quite a can of worms; not least of all because in some cases the value of certain activities is subjective.  You may see value in discussions with colleagues where someone else sees time wasting.  Or perhaps some personal admin finds its way to your work desk!

What is less subjective is the benefit of taking regular breaks and not continually working excessive hours.

We’ve all had times when even the traditional lunch break has been occupied with work; leaving you anything but refreshed for the afternoon ahead.  The Workday Relax has the benefits of creating a definite break and directing you towards relaxation.


Workday Relax Content:

At the time of a first booking I will enquire as to any specific ideas or requirements; there may be a particular suggestion you would like included.  Specific requests allowed for the general content takes approx 15-20 minutes and includes:

  • Check consent
  • Preamble
  • Relaxation session (guided Hypnosis)
  • Awakening
  • Debrief


Workday Relax Requirements:

The requirements for me to come and run the workday relax are fairly minimal, although necessary; see below:

Agreement from person in authority:

Obviously someone at your organisation with authority to do so needs to approve a Workday Relax session.

Suitable space:

A suitable space is ideally away from desks, a staff room or meeting room can work well.  Silence is not a requirement but limiting distractions is helpful.  It can be hard to relax with the telephone ringing in the corner or non participants passing through.  Of course a comfortable temperature and space to sit or recline, some people may be happy on a clean floor while other will prefer seating.

Consent from participants:

This is a form of hypnosis and to this end consent is required from all participants.  Participants do need to verify their own suitability; take a look at my Hypnotherapy Consent post for details.


Interested in Workday Relax:

If you would like to book a Workday Relax visit to your place of work please make sure the Workday Relax Requirements’ above are met and then send me an email to ‘martin@sereneaction.com’.  All bookings are little different, please let me know location and potential numbers and I will advise availability and cost without obligation on your part.



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